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The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight is designed for men and women who are interested in learning strategies to improve and strengthen their relationships. This book is based on Dr. Patt’s participation in over 10,000 conversations with clients and presents composite tales of 70 couples who seek help for typical problems. Her writing is jargon-free and conversational. The broad scope of the stories will inspire readers and inform them on how to take their marriages to the next higher level and beyond—that is, to make “good enough” marriages, better and “better” marriages, their best.

In each of the easy-to-read short stories in this motivational book, Dr. Patt uses subtle humor to explore common relationship issues and creates a fresh approach to self-help. Popular topics like communication, habits, chores, arguments, sex, and intimacy are explored in easy-read tales which get right to the point. Examples:

#11 – Cleo annoys Patrick by asking too many questions

#19 – Elmer and Sue struggle with chores

#29 – Pierce and Earline argue about apologies

#55 – Nancy and Drew haggle over having the last word in arguments

#68 – Woody and Ellen disagree about emotional cheating

Each story concludes with tips, tools, and practical solutions from Dr. Patt.

The Marriage Whisperer is a reader-friendly book with special features. For the convenience of reluctant readers and for people with limited time to read, the table of contents contains a list of all seventy stories to make a targeted selection easy. Numerous checklists  and twenty-four informative charts with quick glance information are located throughout the book. Nearly seventy short quotes appear highlighted in boxes to provide succinct summaries of the information provided. As a bonus, a handy index at the back of the book helps readers to navigate and to swiftly find the topics of specific interest to them.

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