Marriage Workshops

Dr. Patt and Darrel

Dr. Patt presents unique relationship workshops which are a combination of formal presentation, professional group relationship coaching, couples’ exercises, and other fun, interactive processes. “Emotional Intelligence for Couples” is at the core of the workshops Dr. Patt has developed.

All workshops are offered through the St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center for Testing and Development LLC, a Division of HireCoach™ which is located in the St. Louis Metro area. Modest travel expenses are billed for out-of-town venues.

Current Marriage, Family, and Relationship Workshops are:

1. RU EQ Enuf 4 UR Marriage?

(3-hour Couples’ Workshop)

2. Improve Your Relationship Overnight with The Marriage Whisperer Challenge Card Game

(90 minute Couples’ Workshop)

3. The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight    

(Couples’ Workshop with book discussion, couple’s work, and group relationship coaching on each of 5 topic chapters at 3-hour sessions per chapter.)

4. The Couples’ Love Decathlon 

(2-session/90-minute each, Couples’ Workshop and Professional relationship Coaching plus “homework”/couple’s exercises recommended for off-site between sessions)

****Coming Soon! Early 2016: Dividing Family Chores–All’s Fair in Love and Work

Is an interactive couple’s workshop focused on understanding and defining “chores” as “family work” and developing a fair and balanced action plan to create a low hassle distribution of family work/chores between adult partners (and their children). Ideal resource for couples seeking relief from the stress of family chores and wanting tools for a fair division of labor (including strategies for getting and keeping children involved). Have time to play!

**** Coming Soon! Mid-2016: Dealing with Differences: Settling Conflict

Is an interactive workshop focusing on differences, conflicts, and arguments and how to build a better relationship. The workshop is designed is designed for individuals, couples, and workplace groups who seek tools to effectively deal with conflict and differences at home and in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence will be reviewed as one tool.

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